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Effective Online Learning Strategies

Effective Online Learning Strategies

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Have you set your goals for this semester, Rizalians? Break is over, we are now back on screen; keep organized, proactive, self-aware, and let’s make the most out of this online learning. 

Here are some tips for effective online learning!

1. Have discipline
  • Make sure you’ve allotted enough time to complete your work so that you can comply on time. 
2. Follow your schedule
  • Divide your time equally between all subjects, set aside time for homework and assignments, and assign at least an hour for practice along with self- assessment. 
3. Stay Organized
  • Be mentally and physically ready, prepare everything you need in advance including your books, notes, stationery, etc. before the commencement of your online class. Also don’t forget to take notes as you would in any other class and organize them in a way that makes sense to you. By doing this you will stay organized and accomplish your task as efficiently as possible.
4. Avoid Destruction 
  • The key to avoid distractions is to remove all possible sources of distractions from your surroundings.  Turn off all unnecessary notifications on your smartphone as it can distract you and waste your time. Make sure any redundant tabs or chat windows are closed while you are studying online.

5.Stop procrastinating

  • Procrastination is a big deterrent to self-growth and accomplishment, you need to stop putting off tasks until tomorrow as it will only build up the work, making it too hard to catch up. Whatever is taught in the online class, make it a point to revise it the same day. Do your homework and complete your assignments in time. If a task seems too overwhelming, break it into smaller tasks to make it less intimidating. This will also make it more manageable.
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